Q: Who actually is Take 19 Productions?

A: No one person is Take 19 Productions. Take 19 is a collective of audio engineers working as a team to provide great sound quality to clients. Over the years, the number of members of Take 19 has fluctuated, and faces have changed, but the mission has remained the same.

Q: How are payments made to Take 19 Productions?

A: As of this moment, checks are not made out to Take 19 Productions. If you hire a member of Take 19 Productions for a project, the check should be paid to the name of the engineer on the invoice. All Take 19 Productions engineers include their name, contact information, and address on all invoices. If this should change in the future, we will reflect that here.


Q: What if I need special order or additional gear?

A: This is not an issue. We have established relationships with rental houses and other non-Take 19 Productions sound mixers throughout the five boroughs and around the country. We have confidence in our ability to provide any necessary equipment, and to negotiate for any rentals. Prices of quotes may change depending on rentals for projects.


Q: Why isn't there a standard flat rate for audio work?

A: There's a variety of reasons for this. The main reason is that each job is unique, and thus requires a unique bid quote. Some jobs are shorter or longer, some require more or less gear, some are very intense and difficult, some are outdoors, etc. There are a lot of variables that factor into a quote. Always remember that our quoting process is flexible, and we strive to provide services at fair and competitive rates.