The Basics: Take 19 is an audio collective.

Founded in Ohio in 2008 by Corey Poindexter, Take 19 Productions is a collective of audio engineers working together to bring their clients the best possible sound for their project, while fitting into their budgets. 



Corey Poindexter
Corey Poindexter is an Emmy award winning audio engineer. He is originally from Dalton, GA, before moving to Ohio. Corey graduated with honors from Ohio University's Scripps College of Communication, earning a bachelor's degree in Audio Production. He started out working in post production for video/film, cutting his teeth working as a sound designer, foley artist, composer, and post supervisor, before moving into location sound.

Corey brought Spencer into the Take 19 family in 2010, alongside co-founders Tate Galbraith and Ty Carnelison, where the two co-sound edited their first feature length motion picture.



What are some of Take 19's accomplishments?

Between its current members, Take 19 has worked on countless short films, many feature length films, nationally televised commercials, corporate videos for Fortune 500 companies, and won an Emmy for the children's show Spaced Out: A Cosmic Scene in 2010.


Spencer Plassman
Spencer  is  an  audio engineer  from  Ohio. There he received his bachelor's degree in Audio Engineering from Ohio University's prestigious Scripps College of Communication. He began in music engineering and producing before moving into audio production for TV/film, where he worked for projects such as Food Court Wars on the Food Network and a series of PSA's for the NYC MTA.

In addition to his music and location sound engineering credits, Spencer has supervised sound editing for feature films in Doby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound as well as providing post-production clean-up with foley, ADR, and complete sound design.

What sets Take 19 Productions apart?

The core principle of Take 19 since the beginning has been teamwork. The best camera departments have depth to them, with various positions among the crew, and people trained and ready to roll if something happens or someone is unavailable. The same goes for many other professional environments; theaters, kitchens, and many more.

When Take 19 was founded, its creators looked at the typical lone wolf, one-man-band approach to audio production, and decided there was a better way. Having a team that trained together and had chemistry meant seamless integration on sets. Whether that meant the chemistry between your  A1 and A2, or if your usual Take 19 representative was unavailable, you could always have reliable -and consistent- sound on your set.

Take 19 is always expanding to provide better quality service to our clients. If you are interested in joining us, please email us at team@Take19Productions.com.


Photographs by Tatiana Kiseleva
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